Orrefors Beer Collection (3 piece set) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Orrefors ~ Beer ~ Collection (3 piece set)

$40.00 Collection (3 piece set)

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Collection: Orrefors Beer »
SKU: OKB-6312009


8.5" H x 2.67" W
Weight: 1.76 lb

Features: We have developed one glass made for lager, one for pils and one that enhances the best of all the fragrant and flavorsome beers. So no matter if you are looking for a more aroma, clearer bitter notes, (Lager) a creamy head, milder carbonation and richer color (Pils) or if you prefer great favor in rich and full body beers (Taster) we have the glass for you. Each of the three glasses comes in packs of four. If you find it hard to choose we think that you should get one of each and collect all three glasses in a collection box. Designed by Erika Lagerbielke

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